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Wedding Venues DJed

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of wedding venues in Orange, Los Angeles, Inland Empire and Riverside Counties I’ve DJed weddings, holiday or corporate event. That’s 100+ venues with 300+ weddings and 100s of corporate and private events! Check to see if yours is on here, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to pick my brain about logistics, design or anything at all.

Check it out by clicking here.

Yorba Linda Community Center Wedding DJ – Yorba Linda, CA [HD VIDEO]

This is a video from a wedding I DJed at the Yorba Linda Community Center with uplights and wireless satellite speakers (6 total).

The bride and groom were very down to earth, and very community oriented. They had most of their decorations made by family members who apparently have quite a bit of experience in theatrical work (always nice to have resources like that!) but they were clear from the get-go that having a wild dance party was their most important desire for the reception. I’m glad that they showed their satisfaction in the form of a Yelp review!

To be completely honest, the energy of the crowd was so intense, it would have been impossible to screw up the dancing portion. They really ate up the line dancing and participation songs, but also danced to the clubby music too.

I also got a chance to work with a Hawaiian food place called Ono Grill, which is about two blocks from my shop on 17th street, so that was a total treat! Unfortunately the owner, who I knew most, wasn’t there, but the food was delicious none the less!

Yorba Linda CC is a relatively plain venue, but very easy logistically to move in and out of, and they have an auditorium sized video screen and projector build right in, which from what I understand, comes with the room with no extra charge. It’s right down the street from the Nixon Library, but it’s a fraction of the cost to rent, and they allow outside catering. I definitely recommend the Yorba Linda Community Center for large modular weddings, and if you’re looking into doing DIY on the flowers and decorations (which is not advisable for most other locations because of logistics).

Can’t wait to be back!

Special Offer:

Book this package for the Yorba Linda Community Center at $1300* (Normally $1400; you MUST mention this post at the time of inquiry).


5 total hours of lighting, DJ & MC services
Cocktail Hour Music:

  • Stand-alone sound system (3 speakers)
  • 1 handheld microphone for addressing crowd

Reception Package:

  • 800watt PA system
  • 1 Satellite Speaker
  • DJ console (Media Used: MIDI, Vinyl, MP3s)
  • 10 channel mixer
  • 1 wireless microphone for toasts
  • 4 piece dance lighting

Uplighting (Standard):

  • Up to 18 fixtures of static, one color uplights (Par38 Halogens or Par64 LEDs, depending on color)

*Offer may not be combined with any other offers.

Nixon Library Wedding DJ [HD VIDEO]

An incredibly well coordinated, highly produced wedding from the coordination team of Jenn Yamauchi in Los Angeles. I only did Reception for this wedding, I believe. It included up-lighting (at the Nixon Presidential Library is a MUST) cake spotlighting, wireless remote satellite speakers, and a projection and screen service.

They also had me do the grand entrance in my Michael Buffer, sports announcement voice, as the groom was a Chicago Bulls fan, which went well (sorry, wish I got footage).

The garden / courtyard is really nice as a Ceremony space, with Richard Nixon’s birth home in the background. This is a venue fit for an executive, definitely unique.

Summit House Wedding DJ [VIDEO] Fullerton

The Summit House in Fullerton is one of the prettier venues in Orange County. The structure is white with windows all over; it’s begs for uplighting. I get to DJ here about twice a year, and it’s always a pleasure lighting it up!

The couple was really sweet as well. The bride had me meet them at Starbucks by their house for our first meeting, and so there would be no confusion, she came decked out in her “Bride” (in reign stone) outfit. As soon as I saw her, I knew I wanted to work with this couple! I love couples who are obviously enthusiastic about their wedding; it adds another level of satisfaction, and frankly, makes me want to work harder for them. The groom made a special edit with two songs for their first dance, and they choreographer a dance routine which they hammered perfectly.

I’m sure this will be one of the most memorable weddings the crowd will ever attended. Can’t wait to do another like this!

Sheraton (South of Disneyland on Harbor) – Garden Grove, CA

The easiest thing that can be said about the hotels around Disneyland is that their facilities are always in perfect repair, and carries the Utopian ideal of Walt Disney.

This Sheraton is affiliated with Disneyland and is no exception.  The security is very high also; the last time I went to their information desk to ask which ballroom I was going to, they took a facsimile of my driver’s license!


Logistics: All ballrooms are accessible within 30 feet of the catering dock which is at the back of the building: super convenient.  Make sure to visit the front desk to get clearance first.

Aesthetics: Their walls have beige and wood paneling design, very earthy and warm.  Everything is so brand new looking that you swear they change out the walls and tear out the carpet after every event!

Electrical: In the big hall, electricity is ample, though I wasn’t able to figure out where the circuits were.  I imagine there are at least two 20+ amp circuits on each of the long sides (I did notice that the two receptacles, which were about 3 yards apart, were separate).  I doubt you’ll run into any electrical trouble here, but it would still be smart to lay out your coffee maker on the opposing wall from your DJ, unless you’ve confirmed the circuit layout.  Hopefully your DJ has a power conditioner that reads the voltage changes!

Huge: The main hall is very large, perfect for those Asian-American receptions with 300+ attendants.


Customization: Because of the polished wood paneling covering most of the walls, up-lighting is a no-go here.  The light will bounce right off the walls and you’ll only see them on the ceiling.  Gobos (Monograms) will not work well on the walls either; you’ll have to shine it on the dance floor.  However, the venue’s lighting is pretty impressive.  I would have them put the house lights on low and let the flood and chandeliers work their magic.

It’s a shame that I can’t do up-lighting there, since the shape of the room is perfect for it, had they inserted columns of that neutral beige wall every few yards between the panels.

In summery:

If you’ve always imagined a Disney princess wedding, this hall will more than satisfy (for a Beauty and the Beast wedding, check out the Grand Californian.)  There aren’t too many options, as far as customizing the look of the place to dazzle your guests, but if this is not your concern, you’ll be thrilled with what is offered by this place.  The two best features are the size / spaciousness of the venue and the proximity of the loading dock (less work for your setup crew; especially if they have to decorate the entire space!)  If you’re planning on a huge reception, this is a very viable option.