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Tustin Ranch Golf Club – Tustin, CA

Special Offer:

Book this package with Ceremony Service for $1520* (Normally $1670; you MUST mention this post at the time of inquiry).

6 total hours of sound, lighting, DJ & MC services
Ceremony Music & Microphoning Package:

  • 2 Speakers (150 watt rms each; appropriate for congregations of up to 180)
  • 1 Countryman Wireless Microphone (discreet headset worn by officiant)
  • 1 Lapel Wireless Microphone (worn by groom for vows)
  • 1 Handheld Wireless Microphone on Stand (for readings by bridal party / guest)

Cocktail Hour Music

  • Stand-alone sound system
  • 1 handheld microphone for addressing crowd

Reception Package:

  • 800watt PA system (appropriate for crowds up to 180 guests)
  • DJ console (Media Used: MIDI, Vinyl, MP3s)
  • 10 channel mixer
  • 1 wireless microphone for toasts
  • 4 piece dance lighting

Uplighting (Standard):

  • Up to 18 fixtures of static, one color uplights (Par38 Halogens or Par64 LEDs, depending on color) (appropriate for Up to 180 guests)

Cake Spotlighting:

  • Spotlight projector illuminates your cake from high altitude

*Offer may not be combined with any other offers.

Easily the best wedding venue to have your wedding in the city of Tustin.  The golf course itself is nestled in a very exclusive, well-to-do area between Tustin, Irvine and Santa Ana Hills.

There’s a beautiful water works display embedded in the green landscape as soon as you drive into their lot, making a first impression of elegance and profusion.  I would say this is the main theme of their facility.

Their parking is ample, and if you have heavy parcels to unload, you can double park along the building and place them on a dolly to deliver to all four areas of interest:

    1. Ceremony site (on the Eastern side of the Club House; it is ramp accessible)
    2. Main Banquet Hall (accessible through the courtyard)
    3. Secondary Banquet Hall (there are two partitions here that are both easily accessible from the parking lot)
    4. Courtyard (Could be your Cocktail Hour area)


Electrical: I’ve never had a problem with power at this venue.  I like the fact that their engineer took the time to clearly label the circuits on each receptacles, making it easy to identify which outlets are running on the same circuits.  It’s crucial to separate high power demand electronics, such as the DJ booth, chocolate fountains and coffee makers to avoid power failure on your big day.

Staff: I love the staff and crew at this location.  They work hard and also have very high morale and solidarity, and their positive attitude can be contagious.

View: The view in the main hall is gorgeous!  There’s a huge panoramic window that overlooks the puting green and the rest of the golf course, and it’s green for as far as the eyes can see!  There’s plenty of photo ops in their landscapes.


Odd Shapes: The only technical con that I can mention about this venue, is that both of their halls are not rectangular.  The main room is shaped like two unevenly conjoined rectangles, that disallows symmetry for laying out the DJ gear.  This is where the experience and creativity of the DJ must work it’s magic, especially with things like audio distribution and up-lighting which require even distribution through out a space.  I have seen some impressive up-lighting designs in the main hall under the tutelage of my mentor, please see the video below.

The Second banquet hall does have blank white walls and up-lighting works easily in that room (please have a look at the video below) but it is long and narrow, and not as cozy as a less rectangular room.  I suppose it wouldn’t affect you as much, if you’re okay with splitting the B&G families from each other during dinner.  To me, the layout reminds me of the two houses of congress.

In Summery: If you’re fixed on a trendy / Oscar-feel wedding using up-lighting, make sure to hire a DJ with a great amount of experience or someone from their vendor list (because they will know the room very well).  As for the second room I think you might find more value at a more rectangular hall (with high ceilings) else where.  It’s  definitely a great pick if your wedding is during the summertime, and the sun is still out during dinner, when your crowd can enjoy the view.  The staff is very professional, and catering has always been spot-on (timing is everything!), and the venue itself is immaculate.

Please have a look at some footage I’ve shot working a Holiday party in what I like to call the Secondary Banquet Hall (the wedge shaped room; partitions one and two):

I will try my best to get some footage of the Main hall in two weeks, since I will be setting up for a wedding there.

Freestyle & Dance Music on POWER 106 FM [AUDIO]

That one time I was on Power106, back in my Stacks Vinyl days; 2005 I think.

Thank you to legendary KDAY Mixmaster Tony G (AM Radio 1580 from the ’80s, not the newer one) for bringing me onto the show, and to pioneering program director and impresario Greg Mack for having me on the show!  I was honored and humbled to have this experience.