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Newland Barn Wedding DJ [HD VIDEO]

Short video from a wedding I DJed at Newland Barn / Newland House Museum, in Huntington Beach, Surf City USA. It’s a super relaxed private yard with an indoor section inside a bar like structure.

It’s a great location that gets tons of sun, and also has a small indoor area to put your buffet in, or in this case, the dance floor. This particular client decided to pipe and drape the room, and had me provide back uplighting in blue, which was incredibly effective (smaller rooms are easier to saturate). They were a sweet and down to earth B&G, I couldn’t ask for better clients.

The key to DJing a reception at this location, or any location that is open air and this sprawled out, is to have a widely dispersed sound system, which requires (reliable) wireless audio signal transmitters. I’ve got a set of speakers playing the same program (music / microphones during speeches) back at the barn from the house museum, so the dinner reception area is covered with sound evenly. This allows the music and speeches to not be too loud for some of the guests, while the guests in the back are struggling to hear what is going on. Please inquire if you’d like to learn more about this.

Looking forward to be back at this location!

Summit House Wedding DJ [VIDEO] Fullerton

The Summit House in Fullerton is one of the prettier venues in Orange County. The structure is white with windows all over; it’s begs for uplighting. I get to DJ here about twice a year, and it’s always a pleasure lighting it up!

The couple was really sweet as well. The bride had me meet them at Starbucks by their house for our first meeting, and so there would be no confusion, she came decked out in her “Bride” (in reign stone) outfit. As soon as I saw her, I knew I wanted to work with this couple! I love couples who are obviously enthusiastic about their wedding; it adds another level of satisfaction, and frankly, makes me want to work harder for them. The groom made a special edit with two songs for their first dance, and they choreographer a dance routine which they hammered perfectly.

I’m sure this will be one of the most memorable weddings the crowd will ever attended. Can’t wait to do another like this!